Loving Aylesbury Market

6 Jun 2018

Aylesbury Market was extremely proud to once again take part in the national ‘Love Your Local Market’ campaign, which ran from 17-31 May.

Foodie Friday Live provided tasters and cooking demonstrations and launched a fantastic fortnight of different market activities, including: Royal wedding celebrations, swing dancing with fancy footwork, donkey rides and a variety of musical entertainment.

Aylesbury Market was also recognised by the National Association of British Market Authorities as being one of the top 10 markets for quantity of posts on Twitter and Instagram, as well as for their quality of engaging posts on Facebook.

Aylesbury Town Centre and Regeneration Manager Diana Fawcett, said:

“We’re delighted to energise the market by bringing in a variety of different activities that can be enjoyed by all generations. And we’ve received some fantastic feedback from the public and traders about the ambience the activities created in the market.

“We’ve worked closely with the traders during this time, and we’re especially pleased that the market has been honoured with recognition for creating a dementia-friendly environment.”

A visitor enjoying the music on the day of the Royal wedding said: “What lovely fun on a day full of sunshine and happiness. Aylesbury rocks!”

Another visitor said: “I had a fantastic time yesterday. The smells of all the cooking and the sights of watching the food being cooked was amazing. I came home with lots of food to last a whole week, yum yum!”

More information on Aylesbury Vale markets can be found here: https://www.aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk/section/markets

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