New Homelessness Prevention Service for the Vale

18 Sep 2017

Inspiring stories about how a new support service is helping people in Aylesbury Vale and across Buckinghamshire remain in their homes, have been shared at the official launch. The Resilience Service, delivered by local charity, Connection Support, helps people at risk of becoming homeless before they get to crisis point.

AVDC led the bid to secure funding for the service, working alongside the other Bucks district councils and Bucks County Council. A £625,000 grant was secured from the government’s ‘Trailblazer’ programme, which aims to establish a network of pioneering areas across England to reform how the issue of homelessness is tackled.

A range of problems in people’s lives can put their housing at risk, challenges such as job loss, family breakdown and bereavement. The Resilience Service team officers work with local partners and organisations across Bucks, offering practical advice and intensive support, to boost confidence and skills to help prevent them from becoming homelessness in the future. AVDC Cabinet Member for

Communities, Angela Macpherson spoke at the launch and talks about how the service works in this YouTube video:

For more information on the Resilience Service please visit the official site.


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