Oh what fun was had!

2 Oct 2018
Colonel Custard

Right in the heart of Aylesbury, a selection of fun-filled, action-packed days were organised over the summer holidays to keep the kids active and entertained.

Children of all ages were wowed by Colonel Custard and his award-winning magic show as he conjured up all sorts mind-blowing tricks before their very eyes.

At another event, strength was the name of the game, as kids tried their skill at the climbing wall - attempting to reach for the top to press the buzzer. At the same time, dozens of children bounced their way up into the tree tops in Kingsbury on the thrilling bungee trampolines.

And back by popular demand, was the Quacker Duck trail. Children and parents alike were seen scurrying around attempting to find the letters that were hidden at varying locations across the town centre.

Feedback from businesses involved in the trail included:

- “It was lovely to see the kids looking around town for all the letters.”

- “Lots of smiley faces at our shop door, while practicing their phonics.”

- “We saw a significant increase in our footfall, and the majority of this was due to the Quacker Duck trail.”

Isabel, one of the winners of the trail, said it had been a lot of fun going around the town centre, and they’d visited shops they didn’t know existed (including her mum being delighted to discover Rocky & Kook, the vintage clothing shop).

Aylesbury Town Centre & Regeneration Manager, Diana Fawcett, said:

“We’re delighted to provide fun events in the town, and it’s fantastic to see so many children and parents getting involved with the activities this year.”

Details of upcoming events and attractions, including the Roald Dahl Gallery, Aylesbury Library, Aylesbury markets and Bucks County Museum can be found in the Aylesbury live guide: www.visitaylesbury.co.uk

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