Planning Inspector agrees AVDC’s reduction in housing numbers for Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan

18 Mar 2019
Kingsbrook, Aylesbury

The independent Planning Inspector has agreed AVDC’s proposal to reduce by 1400 the number of new homes to be built up to 2033 in the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan (VALP).

The VALP is the blueprint that will shape the size and locations of housing and other developments over the next 14 years and beyond in the Aylesbury Vale.

This latest development brings the end of a thorough and complicated process in sight, with modifications to the plan being considered by the Inspector and, it is hoped, a public consultation to follow this spring.

The full text of the Inspector’s response can be seen at

The biggest change that the Inspector has agreed is to reduce the numbers of homes that need to be built within the Vale to 30,100 homes from the 31,500 he asked for previously.

AVDC is working on the detailed modifications to VALP, which involves gathering a significant amount of new evidence and revising large numbers of policies. When these alterations have been made and sent to the Inspector, AVDC hopes to quickly put in place a six-week public consultation. The council hopes that the plan will then be adopted for use by mid 2019, although this depends on the Planning Inspector.

Cllr Carole Paternoster, AVDC’s Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning and Infrastructure, said: “This a big step forward in our final push to secure the right Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan for a successful future. We are grateful to those who have been part of the process so far and look forward to completing the next steps that we hope will bring us to a successful conclusion that delivers the development that is right for our area.”

The adoption of VALP will not be affected by the creation of the new unitary council.

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