Residents' survey in Buckinghamshire is taking place

28 Oct 2019
Aylesbury Vale

In November 2018, the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, announced his decision that all five councils in Buckinghamshire will be replaced in April 2020 by a new single unitary authority called Buckinghamshire Council. The new council will cover the whole of the county area and will be responsible for all the functions currently run by the four districts and the county council.

Implementation of the Buckinghamshire Council is being overseen by the Shadow Authority, to ensure a smooth transition to the new council by 1 April 2020.

The new Buckinghamshire Council Shadow Authority is now undertaking a survey to gather the views of residents living in Buckinghamshire.

When is the survey taking place?

The survey starts on Tuesday 22 October and runs until Friday 22 November 2019.

Why is it being done now?

As the five councils work together to create the new Buckinghamshire Council we want to understand the views and attitudes of people from across the county. This will help us to understand how best to communicate with residents, identify priorities for service development and measure satisfaction with local services. The results will be used to inform priorities and provide a baseline, ahead of the launch of the new council.

How is the survey being done?

As telephone interviews with a representative sample of approximately 1,400 Buckinghamshire residents. Following the telephone interviews there will be a small number of focus groups to explore key issues in more detail (residents will be asked to take part in the groups during the telephone call).

Who is doing the survey?

MEL Research, who have over 30-year’s experience of delivering community consultations and surveys. For more details about this company please see their website at

When will the results be available and where can I see these results?

The results will be publicly available in January 2020.

If you have any queries about the residents survey please email

I have seen another survey taking place called the ‘Your council, your services, your views’ priorities and budget consultation, is this the same thing?

At the same time as the residents survey is taking place, the Shadow Authority for Buckinghamshire Council is running a public consultation asking all residents, local organisation and businesses in Buckinghamshire to let us know what they think the new council’s priorities should be and what the budget in 2020/2021 should be spent on.

You can take part in this online survey here:

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