Taking to the skies in aid of Chairman's charity

4 Jun 2019
AVDC Cllr Chris Poll and Rebecca Henson - planning skydive

AVDC  vice chairman Cllr Chris Poll is taking to the skies with AVDC employee Rebecca Henson on Friday 28 June, when they will both be making a tandem skydive to raise vital funds for Nest Aylesbury Vale  - AVDC chairman Cllr Judy Brandis’ nominated charity for 2019/20. 

A keen motorcyclist, Cllr Poll said: “I wanted to do something a little different and a little dangerous, that had the possibility of raising a significant amount of money for a very worthy cause.

“The idea of reaching speeds of up to 120mph during the descent is a minor concern – not so much the speed itself but, unlike when riding my bike at speed, I will have no control and will be relying wholly on my instructor.”

When Cllr Poll mentioned his idea, without thinking Rebecca Henson, who works in the chairman’s office, volunteered to make the jump too: “As soon as he suggested the tandem skydive, I was yep I can do that! and voiced this before I had chance to think about it. 20 hours later we were booked to jump!!", she said.

Nest Aylesbury Vale, previously known as Home Start Aylesbury,  is a local charity that provides an accessible and equitable support service for families, with children under five, living in Aylesbury Vale. 

Sometimes being a parent is really hard; especially when the children are young. For some families it's a real struggle because they are having to cope with difficult situations like postnatal depression, illness or disability, multiple birth, relationship break down, bereavement and isolation.

“That's when parents need support”, said Shushana Kenderick. “ And, that's when Nest Aylesbury Vale can help.  We are a small, independent charity that provides home visiting volunteers who offer emotional and practical support.  We help families fly again!”

To support Cllr Chris Poll and Rebecca Henson’s daring skydive you can go to their Go Fund Me page: https://www.gofundme.com/avdc-chairman039s-charity-skydive

For more information on Nest Aylesbury Vale visit their website: www.nestaylesburyvale.org.uk

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