Using litter bins could save taxpayers thousands

23 Mar 2015

Aylesbury Vale District Council is calling on local residents to help it reduce the district’s yearly clean-up bill.


The council spends £350,000 each year picking up dropped litter from streets, main roads, parks and open spaces.


As its budgets feel the squeeze, AVDC is encouraging residents to act more responsibly with their waste as money spent on clearing it up could be better used elsewhere.


“The council and its partners carry out a great deal of work to keep the district as clean as possible”, said Gareth Bird, AVDC Community Spaces Manager. “It’s totally unacceptable that just one week after litter picking there are some road verges that look like a rubbish dump. We need as many residents as possible to help spread the word that littering is unacceptable and a total waste of taxpayers’ money. The message is simple – bin it or take it home.”


He added: “People who litter are ultimately hitting themselves and others in the pocket as it falls to taxpayers to foot the bill for cleaning up the mess and this is money that could be better spent on other essential services – especially at a time when the council has to plan ahead to cover an anticipated £7 million shortfall in its funding from central government over the next few years.


“We can all do our bit to help keep Aylesbury Vale clean by disposing of litter responsibly, bag and bin dog waste and recycle as much as possible using household recycling bins.”


Litter problems can be reported to the council’s community spaces team by email at or by telephone on 01296 585235. Litter and dog bins are provided by town and parish councils.


Several parish and town councils, businesses and community groups operate their own community litter pick events. For more information, email

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