Vale Lottery raises £110,000 for good causes

14 Sep 2017

Since launching in November 2015, Vale Lottery has now raised more than £110,000 for local good causes.

A wide variety of causes are benefitting from Vale Lottery, including disability groups, animal charities, sports clubs, theatre groups and schools.

Under the scheme, local good causes have their own webpage where their supporters can sign up. Tickets are £1 each, with 50 pence in every pound going directly to the player’s choice of good cause. An additional 10 pence goes to a general good cause fund, which is administered by Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC). The rest of the money goes towards the running costs and prize fund. AVDC does not take a penny.

All tickets have a 1 in 50 chance of winning - and there is a top prize of £25,000.

An additional incentive to play Vale Lottery in the next few weeks is the £500 Halfords bike voucher that is up for grabs. All tickets purchased before Saturday 30 September 2017 will be automatically entered into the bike voucher draw.

Debbie Le-Haye, director of Horses Helping People, said: “We were excited to be one of the first organisations to sign up with Vale Lottery and thanks to our lovely supporters, have been benefitting ever since. The ticket sales give us an invaluable source of income that can be used where it’s needed most. One of the most important uses is to sponsor sessions for individuals on low income.”

Commenting on the success of Vale Lottery, Cllr Janet Blake, Cabinet Member for Commercialisation and Business Transformation, said: “Vale Lottery has proven to be a fantastic way of raising funds for many local good causes. Organisations such as Queen Park Arts Centre and Medical Detection Dogs have seen consistent support through Vale Lottery ticket sales, and there are now more than 160 local causes signed up. We’re grateful to all players and good causes who are helping to take Vale Lottery from strength-to-strength.”

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