Vandalism in Aylesbury

11 Oct 2018

Vandalism took place in Aylesbury town centre last night, including graffiti being sprayed onto some pavements, doors and hoardings. Sadly, the David Bowie statue ‘Earthly Messenger’ was also affected, with blue paint being sprayed on and around the acclaimed statue.

However, Aylesbury Vale District Council’s (AVDC) street cleansing team is already hard at work removing the graffiti from the pavements and hoardings. And they’ve also contacted the property owner of the door that was sprayed with graffiti, and Friars Aylesbury promoters David and Sue Stopps, who spent two years raising money from Bowie fans worldwide to create the statue.

David Stopps commented:

“This is so upsetting, especially as we had Earthly Messenger professionally cleaned and waxed only yesterday by the foundry who did the original bronze casting. Bowie fans are coming from all over the world to see the statue and this really doesn’t do justice to the thousands of local people that supported this project. We will be restoring Earthly Messenger to its former glory as soon as possible.”

AVDC has reported the incident to Thames Valley Police and asked them to view CCTV footage from the town centre to see if the perpetrators can be identified and brought to justice.

Councillor Julie Ward, Cabinet Member for Civic Amenities, said:

“I’m shocked and saddened by this mindless vandalism in Aylesbury. Not only is it incredibly anti-social, but Council Tax payers will also end up having to foot the bill for the clean-up. I’m also mindful of how upsetting this type of vandalism must be for our residents, visitors and the crowdfunders of the Earthly Messenger statue. Fortunately, incidents such as this are rare in Aylesbury, and I hope that all traces of the vandalism can be removed shortly.”

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