23 Feb 2016
Town centre receives safety awards
22 Feb 2016
Members of the public are being invited to comment
19 Feb 2016
School holiday activities in Kingsbury
18 Feb 2016
Businesses asked to help stamp out exploitation of children
16 Feb 2016
Consultations about a possible PSPO for Aylesbury are taking place
15 Feb 2016
Referendum held Thursday 11 February 2016
15 Feb 2016
Bierton with Broughton Neighbourhood Plan
15 Feb 2016
AVDC expands its webcast schedule
12 Feb 2016
A successful conference hosted by AVDC at The Gateway
11 Feb 2016
Aylesbury Vale District Council's Cabinet met in Haddenham during February
05 Feb 2016
All your activity with AVDC available to you in one place
05 Feb 2016
New income, efficiencies and a small council tax increase to protect key services

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