24 Nov 2015
Respond or risk difficulties obtaining credit
13 Nov 2015
Public are being invited to comment on the proposed plan
13 Nov 2015
Don't miss your chance to attend the VALP consultation
12 Nov 2015
Changes to My Account
06 Nov 2015
The Vale Lottery is now up and running!
03 Nov 2015
Councillor Mrs Jenny Bloom selling poppies on 5 November
03 Nov 2015
Ready to download!
29 Oct 2015
The Flint House scooped the Outstanding Design award at AVDC's Design Awards
28 Oct 2015
The next AVDC cabinet meeting will be held in Winslow
28 Oct 2015
Discover your Aylesbury with this useful new website
26 Oct 2015
AVDC's website has been shortlisted for the UXUK public sector award

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