03 Aug 2017
This month AVDC will be sending out annual voter registration forms and is asking residents to respond as quickly as possible in order to help save money.
01 Aug 2017
Vale Lottery puts £500 bike voucher up for grabs.
31 Jul 2017
AVDC's My Account now has more than 40,000 subscribers.
27 Jul 2017
Ongoing improvements to Alfred Rose Memorial Park are helping to make it a safer and more pleasant environment.
27 Jul 2017
The candidates for by-elections on 17 August have been announced.
25 Jul 2017
Aylesbury Market impresses the judges of 'Love Your Local Market'.
24 Jul 2017
Good news for local diners!
21 Jul 2017
Local students took part in AVDC's first-ever 'Apprentice Challenge'.
20 Jul 2017
Funding available for local projects!
19 Jul 2017
Aylesbury parks are recognised as some of the best green spaces in the country.
19 Jul 2017
AVDC is doing everything in its power
18 Jul 2017
A useful tip to help prevent fly tipping

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