Notification letter explained

Your notification letter explained!

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Notifications letter:what is 'applicable amount' on the lettereligible rent for housing benefit and service chargeslocal housing allowancebedroom tax size criteriawhat is taper for council tax reduction amount on the notification letter?FAQ Article: The taper housing benefit amount on notification letterswhat is the disability premium single amount on the notification letterhousing benefit when other adults live in your homewhat is the single claimant between 25 and pension amount on the letterwhat is the pensioner single 65+ amount on the letterwhat is the young child under 11 amount in the letter?what is the lone parent between 18 and pension amount?what is the young person 15 years amount on the letterwhat is the family premium on the letterwhat is the couple with person between 18 and pension on age amount on the letterwhat is 'applicable amount on the letter?what is income used in calculation for on notification letters?what are less expenses?what is regarded as income?what is total weekly income?what is any other income converted to weekly?what is any other income converted to weekly on the letter?what is the weekly earned income?how is your partners weekly earned income shown?what are non-dependent deductions?when will future benefits payments be madewhen will benefit payments be madewhat are weekly ineligible service charges?what are the weekly ineligible service charges?what is the benefit start date?what is a weekly gross rent council tax amount?what is net benefit payable?what is a less over-payment recovery? what is your benefits claim reference number? what is 'my council tax ref'? what is a landlord reference number? what is your rent reference number? what is a weekly benefit award? why are the financial details shown on the letter?