Open Space, Sport and Recreation Needs

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Open Space, Sport and Recreation Needs - Main Report
The report of assessment by specialist consultants Torkilsden Barclay identifies the open space, sports and recreation needs for Aylesbury Vale in the context of the housing growth identified in the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan Draft Plan stage. This assessment is an update/revision of the 2012 assessment by the same consultants examining new information of provision in the Vale and national standards and policies relating to open space, sports and recreation. The report provides recommendations that will be considered in drafting the VALP Proposed Submission for summer 2017.

Open Space, Sport and Recreation Needs - Addendum on RAF Halton
This review explores the potential additional open space, sport and recreation provision as a result of the development needs identified in the proposed site allocation in VALP at RAF Halton. The typologies used are those set out in the 2017 Assessment of Open Space, Sports and Recreation Needs for Aylesbury Vale report, and the standards applied are those identified within that report.

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