Overpayment of benefits

Have you have received paperwork advising you of an overpayment of benefit?

Housing benefit overpayment

• Check your housing benefit award. 
• If you have an ongoing claim, this will be deducted from your award and therefore you rent will have a shortfall. 
• This could result in rent arrears if your housing benefit is paid directly to your landlord. 
• Payment plans can be negotiated if you are no longer claiming housing benefit. 

Tax credits overpayment

• It is important to tell HMRC about any change in your circumstances to avoid an overpayment. 
• Repayment plans can be made. 
• Overpayments may be deducted from an ongoing claim. 
• Check on HMRC 

Department of Work and Pensions

• Tell the benefit office about any change in your circumstances. 
• Answer any letters about your overpayment promptly. 
• Your benefit could be suspended or stopped. 
• Negotiate a repayment plan. 
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