Past Surveys and Consultations

The Results of Past Surveys

Parks PSPO consultation 2019 - Survey Closed.

A 6 week public consultation, ending 14 July 2019, was held to consider a variation of the existing public space protection orders for Alfred Rose Memorial Park, Bedgrove Park and Edinburgh Playing Fields.  Orders already prohibited the public consumption of alcohol or possession of alcohol in open containers in these parks.  Following a number of complaints concerning the use of mechanically propelled vehicles in these parks, views were sought on the introduction of a prohibition on the use of mechanically propelled vehicles in these parks if their use is associated with nuisance or annoyance.

85 responses were received by the Council in support of the new prohibition and the Council’s Licensing Committee resolved to vary the current order at its meeting of 9 September 2019.  The order must be reviewed again by October 2020.

Aylesbury Town PSPO consultation 2019 - Survey Closed.

A 6 week public consultation, ending 14 July 2019, was held to consider extending the existing public space protection order in place for Aylesbury Town Centre for a further 3 year period.  The order was due to expire in November 2019.  The order prohibits 5 behaviours that have a detrimental effect on the quality of life of those living in and visiting the town centre:

• Public consumption of alcohol or having an open container of alcohol. • Public urination and defecation. • Aggressive or intimidating behaviour. • Control of dogs. • The unauthorised parking of motor vehicles on Kingsbury and Market Square.

58 responses were received by the Council, and the majority of respondents supported extending the PSPO for a further period.  The Council’s Licensing Committee resolved to extend the current order at its meeting of 9 September 2019.  The order must be reviewed again by November 2022.

Buckinghamshire Council's Housing and Homelessness Strategy 2019-2022 – survey closed 3 August 2018.

The Homelessness Act 2002 requires each local authority in England to publish a Homelessness Strategy.

A thorough review of housing and homelessness in Aylesbury Vale was carried out in 2018. The findings of this review and the ongoing work with stakeholders and key partners has been used to develop a new Housing and Homelessness Strategy for 2019-2022, which launched on 21 January 2019.

The vision within the strategy is that those who want to make the Vale their home are supported and empowered to do so.

Social media consultation - March/ April 2017 – survey closed.

A recent consultation was undertaken with local residents to find out what residents think about or want from social media. The findings will help us to develop a social media strategy and set targets to measure our effectiveness in directing our posts and responses.

40 telephone interviews were conducted and two focus groups and an additional 5 interviews with those who could not attend focus groups.

We’re currently analysing responses and will post the report on our webpage next month.

Residents' Phone Survey- Nov/Dec 2016 – survey closed.

This survey was commissioned to assess how residents feel about the local area they live in, attitudes towards recent changes by Buckinghamshire Council and opinions towards new ways of working and communicating.

The survey was conducted by telephone and residents were randomly selected to take part. The results are representative of the age, gender and ethnicity and geographically spread across the Vale, (in total 1006 interviews were achieved).

The survey showed a big majority are impressed by how Buckinghamshire Council runs things, 85 per cent;  81 per cent, trust Buckinghamshire Council to provide good local services for local people; 75 per cent agreed that Buckinghamshire Council provides value for money and 93 per cent were happy with Buckinghamshire Council’s becoming more commercial approach, as long as key council services continue to be delivered.

To find out more read the report below.

Aylesbury Vale Times, Buckinghamshire Council's news magazine readership survey - survey closed 13 January 2017.

We ran two AV Times readership surveys in the past 12 months. Results are currently being compared and tracking any changes to what people feel about our council news magazine., Results will be posted on our website next month.

Aylesbury Vale Community Safety Partnership (CSP) - Emerging crimes survey - survey closed 14 December 2016.

The partnership is a statutory group including local councils and the police, working together to reduce crime and disorder in Aylesbury Vale. Over the past three years it has focused its activity on creating safe and secure town centres, cutting anti-social behaviour and responding to other crimes local people are most concerned about.

A recent review of local crimes identified changes in the ways and types of crimes being committed, what is referred to as emerging crimes - by 'emerging' we mean things like cyber crimes, legal highs or child sexual exploitation.

This consultation seeks to find out how aware and informed local people feel about  emerging crimes and how they might find out about them. Your responses are important in helping shape how the partnerships future action plans adapt in response to  emerging crimes, alongside the more traditional crime prevention activities undertaken.

A total of 392 responses were received. Analysis is underway in preparation of the partnerships future plan.