Personal Safety for Young People

Advice on staying safe for young people

In Aylesbury Vale the chances of something happening to you when you're out with friends is relatively low, but you still need to take care of yourself and your friends. By looking at our safety tips you can take better control of your personal safety.

Follow these tips to improve your safety and make sure every night you're out will be a fun one!

Young People's Safety when at under 18 venues

Many young people go to under 18s parties at night clubs. There can often be pressure to drink before getting to the venue as young people are not legally allowed to drink alcohol. Our message for your safety is that you don't need to drink to have a good time. There are risks to your personal safety with drinking alcohol that can easily be avoided by drinking non alcoholic drink... You don't want to end up like the female dummy in the picture, she's a mess and ultimately could put herself and her health in danger.

Personal Safety

  1. Don’t show off! You may have the latest phone or laptop but this can easily draw unwanted attention to yourself – think about where you are when displaying these items.
  2.  If someone tries to take something let them have it, it can be replaced.
  3.  Property mark your possessions with a UV pen so in the event something is taken and then later found by police it can be traced back to you.
  4. Stick to busy well lit roads, avoid shortcuts & never accept a lift from someone you don’t know.
  5.  If you can, always walk with someone else. Always be aware of your surroundings- turn off Ipods & MP3s so you’re more alert.
  6. Always let someone know where you are.
  7. Have your keys ready so you can get into your home instantly.
  8. On trains, look for busy carriages and stay on the lower deck of a bus if possible, near to the driver.
  9. Your voice can be one of your best forms of defence. Don’t be embarrassed to make as much noise to attract attention and scare off anyone who is threatening you.

If something does happen to you, report it to the police. You could stop it happening to someone else.

Dating Safety

Although dating is fun, you still need to be aware of keeping safe when meeting with someone.

  1. Always plan ahead how you'll get home. Booking a taxi before you leave is best, and means you don't have to worry about how you'll get home later.
  2. Until you fully trust the other person, have a few dates in a public, busy location.
  3. Trust your gut instincts. If you feel unsafe, leave the area immediately. Even if the other person makes you feel safe take things slowly until you know them better and fully trust them.
  4. Don't let the person know your address or phone numbers until you're happy, don't be forced.
  5. Always let someone know where you are and who you are with.

The main message is to not give in to peer pressure and to think about how different choices may have an effect on your personal safety.

For wider reading click on the link below for other agencies that have information on personal safety:

Suzy Lamplugh Trust