Personal searches and property records

Personal search of the local land charges register & property register

What is a personal search?

A personal search is a personal inspection of the local land charges register.

There is no charge for a personal inspection.

Who can conduct a personal search?

Anyone can conduct a personal search, but they are usually carried out by a private search company who uses the information as part of their own property search.

A private search company will also make further investigations of other statutory public registers and purchase other useful information to create an alternative to our official local land charges search.

Searching the register

If you want to inspect the register, you must first contact us. We must prepare the records for your visit. To help us prepare a plan of the area(s) to be searched must be emailed in advance of your visit. Please call Local Land Charges team on 01296 585039 to organise this visit.

A maximum of 6 addresses can be searched during a single appointment, with one appointment a day per search company.

Information can be inspected only, and there are no printing facilities available. It is your responsibility to locate the information you require and interpret it – staff cannot advise you.

Accessing other property records

The council also has a property mapping facility which gives you the ability to inspect, within our Customer Service Centre, all the property information the council holds. The system gives you complete control in deciding which layers of information you want to see and it also gives you access to the local land charges data.

Read our revised guide to using the property information search facility and revised supporting information for using the property mapping facility. Digital copies are also available at the Customer Service Centre.

It is your responsibility to locate the information you require and interpret it – staff at the council cannot advise you.

If you would prefer not to inspect the records for free, you can request the information to be supplied under the environmental information regulations. To make a request please email us.

An enhanced service is available, for more details see below.

Asking the local authority to do it for you

Alternatively you can pay us to do this for you, instead of using the free inspection route mentioned above. We search the records you specify and package the results for you. Rather than you inspecting and interpreting the records yourself. You can purchase part or complete search of the local land charges register and we will issue an LLC1 certificate. You can also purchase all or part of the CON29 enquiries.

If you’re interested in carrying out a personal inspection of the local land charges register or purchasing property record information, please read our revised Inspection/Access to Property Records Policy and the revised Schedule of Registers/Information for Local Enquiries Search.

To order a component search of the CON29 form, please complete and send the revised request form for component. (this is in a Word format. If you don't have word, please use print off the revised PDF version of the request form)