Pest control treatments

Pest control treatments

We work with SDK Environmental Ltd (trading as DialAPest) to offer a range of pest control treatments for your home.

Please see below for details of the charges

  • ants - £68 (one treatment only, not guaranteed)
  • bed bugs, cockroaches and fleas - £68 (based on 3 living/bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom) + £18 for each additional room
  • rats and mice - £39.50 (includes a minimum 2 visits)
  • glis glis - £84 (+£36 returnable cage deposit if trapping)
  • wasps - £39 (1 nest. Please note if a nest is not found or it is proven to be bees, a call out charge will still be made.)

Request a treatment

Some pest control treatments are provided free of charge to customers who are in receipt of housing benefit or council tax reduction. If this applies to you please contact us and we’ll contact SDK Environmental on your behalf.

Ant treatments are not free of charge to customers in receipt of benefits as the treatment is not guaranteed to be successful. If customers on benefits want a treatment for ants they will have to pay the full fee (see below).

For other pests, please contact us for information.

Please note:

  • payment for treatments is normally collected by debit or credit card when your booking is confirmed
  • all treatments will continue until the pests have been destroyed (except for ant treatments). If the pests return within 1 month, we’ll carry out further treatments free of charge.
  • you have the right to cancel and obtain a full refund at any time up to commencement of the treatment.
  • you must accept our contractor’s treatment terms and conditions before any work can take place.

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