Petitioning the HS2 Hybrid Bill

Buckinghamshire Council submitted its petition to Parliament after working collaboratively with the county council to ensure wherever possible that their requests for mitigation are consistent.

Buckinghamshire Council continues to work to resolve issues wherever possible prior to the Select Committee hearing petitions. Where this is not possible, it will provide further evidence to substantiate the requests at the Select Committee stage.

Following the initial presentation on the Chilterns Long Tunnel case in July, the outstanding petitioning points from the Buckinghamshire Authorities are being heard by the HS2 Select Committee commencing on Monday 12th October 2015. 

The Select Committee hearings can be watched live by linking into the parliament TV website.

In addition to the Select Committee hearings in October, Buckinghamshire Council is also involved with the route wide submission on generic noise issues, currently scheduled to be heard in early November.

Read the Buckinghamshire Council petition.

The evidence submitted to the Select Committee can be found by clicking on the files below: