Planning Performance Agreement (PPA)

Planning Performance Agreements (PPA) can help your development project run smoothly and give a timely, clear structure that ensures transparency.

What is a PPA?

PPA’s help deliver high quality sustainable developments that is based on a clear vision and development objective, PPA’s have several benefits including;

  • Better overall management of pre application advice and post application stages.
  • Identification of key issues at an early stage.
  • More realistic and predictable timetables.
  • Greater accountability and transparency.
  • Improved partnership working.
  • Dedicated time to your project to an agreed level.

When is a PPA appropriate?

Applications for which PPAs would be recommended generally fall within the major category including;

  • Schemes above 10 residential units or above 10,000 sq m of commercial development
  • A large scale renewable energy operation;
  • Individual developments and development programmes of major strategic importance to the area