Pollution prevention, control and permits

By law we must regulate certain types of industry and other activities such as dry cleaners. This is to reduce any pollution they may cause and to help improve air quality.

Our legal obligations

We are required by law to regulate certain types of industry and business activities to try to reduce pollution and minimise environment impacts.

This means that some businesses must obtain a permit.

Applying for a permit

More information on the types of businesses which require a permit and what is expected of a business which holds a permit can be found within the Process Guidance Notes and General Guidance Manual published by DEFRA.

The permit application process includes a public consultation.

See our guidance notes on how to apply for a permit. Fees apply.

Environmental Permitting Regulations Public Register

We are required to maintain a public register containing information on the businesses we approve Part B (air pollution) and Part A2 (other environmental impacts) permits for.

We currently permit a number of Part B processes but no Part A2 processes.

Register of A2 and Part B Authorised Processes

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