Problems with your landlord

Advice for people who are experiencing difficulty with their landlord

What should I do?

  • if your landlord is violent towards you, this is a criminal offence and should be reported to the police
  • keep a record of any dealings you have with your landlord
  • try to make sure someone is with you when you see your landlord
  • put all communications with your landlord in writing and keep all relevant paperwork
  • consult a housing adviser, contact your solicitor, or speak to Citizens Advice

Under no circumstances should you withhold your rent payments.

What can Buckinghamshire Council do to help me?

  • we deal with cases of harassment and illegal eviction leading to homelessness
  • we’ll try to stop the harassment and get you back home
  • we’ll explain the law to your landlord
  • if you take your case to court, we’ll help you prepare and come with you to present your application
  • we can arrange for your gas, electricity and water to be reconnected if your landlord has stopped the supply

My landlord won’t repair my property

If you have a complaint about the condition of your rented property, speak to your landlord first. If your landlord refuses to address the issue, contact us.

Please note that tenants have certain maintenance obligations – check your agreement first to clarify your responsibilities.


If you have been given notice to leave your rented accommodation our Pathways team can check the validity of the notice and give you advice. Please complete self referral portal to request help.

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