Purchase Order

Our Purchase to Pay process

There are three core elements that need to be present to ensure that our purchase to payment process works effectively for both the authority and our suppliers:

  1. A purchase order – raised on our purchasing system by our officers
  2. A goods receipt – entered on our purchasing system to confirm receipt of goods or services
  3. An invoice – raised by our supplier, quoting the relevant PO number and sent (emailed) to our payments team.

This document outlines the activities / tasks that must be carried out to facilitate the end to end process.

Becoming a council supplier

As part of the process of becoming a supplier to the Council you will have been asked to complete a new supplier form to provide us with details of your business.  It is important that these details are provided promptly. Until we have these we cannot set you up as a supplier and order goods/services from you. Without an order we will be unable to pay your invoices.

The Purchase Order (PO)

It is part of our purchasing process to raise orders in advance for the majority of goods and services that we purchase. As a supplier you should receive a purchase order (either by email or post) from the officer who agreed with you the supply of goods or services. This applies to all purchases including emergency work. 

Please check the following whenever you receive an order from the authority:

  • the Purchase Order number
  • the description of the goods/services you are being asked to supply is correct
  • the price is correct
  • the delivery address is correct
  • the delivery date is correct, and
  • the delivery instructions clear.

Any queries should be raised with the contact person named on the PO.  Failure to raise any issues about the PO at this time will probably delay payment of your invoice.

If the order does not have a fixed value you must ensure that there is sufficient remaining value before invoicing. If you are in doubt please check with the officer who raised the order.


It is important that you provide either a delivery note or other confirmation to the person who ordered the goods from you that the goods/services have been delivered.  This will enable them to confirm receipt on the council’s purchasing system. 

We cannot process invoices for payment until a goods receipt has been confirmed. 

Please also see our Payment section