QR Codes (Quick Response Code)

Using QR codes to access personal safety messages

A QR code is a two dimensional bar code that can be scanned using a smart phone.

By scanning the bar code with your phone you can access websites, email and other information. We are using QR codes to promote personal safety around the night time economy and festive season.

The QR Codes will be printed on separate posters which will target both males and females that use Aylesbury Vales pubs, bars and clubs. The posters will be distributed in toilets in pub and club venues around the vale.

By scanning the QR code you will be able to access personal safety messages instantly which range from safe drinking to getting home safely and using licensed taxis.

These messages are as follows:

QR Code 1 - You're being watched ....After clubbing, never walk alone. Remember you're safer in numbers and less likely to be a victim of crime. Better still, you may want to take a taxi because your feet hurt, but make sure it is a taxi licensed vehicle by Buckinghamshire Council or your personal safety could be at even greater risk. Don't ruin your perfect night out.

QR Code 2 - Guys, want to be a gentleman? By helping female friends or family members by giving them a lift or walking them home, you will significantly reduce the chance that they will be a victim of crime.

QR Code 3 - Can I buy you ladies a drink? Remember, the most common date rape drug is alcohol with victims being given drinks with a far higher alcohol content than they think. Be in control.

QR Code 4 - Guys how far would you go? Do you know what rape is? If the woman you are with has said anything less than a yes, its no. If you or she is drunk or under the influence of drugs it is not a form of excuse or consent. If you cross the line then its rape and carries with it a prison sentence and a lifetime on the Sex Offenders Register.

QR Code 5 - Do you know how to impress the ladies?   If you get drunk on a night out you're more likely to be a victim of crime or get into dangerous situations. Getting into trouble and being arrested definitely won't attract any females. Don't let one night out ruin your life.