Recycling textiles

Recycling banks for textiles, clothes and shoes, books, CDs and DVDs

Buckinghamshire Council provides recycling banks for items like textiles and CDs.

As well as reusable items, our banks accept textiles that aren’t suitable to pass on to someone else – they can still be recycled and used for things like chair padding.

Textile banks

Most textiles can be recycled as long as they’re clean and dry, including:

  • clothes
  • curtains
  • sheets and pillow cases
  • tablecloths and towels

Our textile banks also take some items that are in good condition, such as:

  • shoes and boots
  • belts and handbags

Items must be put in bags and tied securely.

Media banks

You can recycle the following items at our media banks:

  • books
  • CDs and CD ROMs
  • DVDs

Items must be put in loose – no carrier bags, please.

Audio cassettes, video tapes or bric-a-brac must not be put into media banks.

Bank locations

Buckingham - Cornwalls Meadow and Swan Pool car parks
Winslow – Greyhound Lane car park
Aylesbury - Bedgrove, Southcourt and Multi-cultural community centres
Coopers Yard and Exchange Street car parks
and Buckinghamshire Council Gateway offices.

Working in partnership with the Salvation Army, our recycling banks are dark green and clearly marked with what goes in them. If you see any other textile banks at the sites listed above, or if banks are full, please contact us.

If you’d like a textile or media bank in your local area, please ask your local parish council to contact us.