Regulation 19 Consultation Responses

Report of the Representations

A PDF report of the representations made to the regulation 19 consultation (index number CD/SUB/010) can be found in our submission documents page.

Any documents attached with submissions can be viewed using the consultation system.

Viewing or Searching Representations on the Consultation System

You can view representations made without registering or logging in on the consultation system homepage.

Moving forward, you can view any future consultations held by Buckinghamshire Council on Your Voice Bucks.

If you wish to search a specific area or policy of the plan:

  • Select one of the documents from the homepage and then click on the chapter, site, issue or policy that you are interested in.
  • To view published representations, click on the magnifying glass icon View next to the site, issue or policy of interest and a summary will be listed. 

If no representations have been made and/or published, the magnifying glass icon will be grey View Disabled.

To search for a representation made by a specific consultee and you know the representation ID number:

  • Use the Search Representations page, enter the Representation ID and press Search 

To search by the name of a respondent, agent or organisation:

  • Use the Search Representations page and select the document: VALP Proposed Submission
  • Select Respondent or Agent, and press Search
  • Select the first letter of the organisation or the individual's surname and press Search
  • Select the individual or organisation from the drop down list and press Search 

This will give a summary of all published representations of the selected consultee.

To view the full text of a representations original submission:

  • From the summary box select either the representation number in the top right or select More details about Rep ID: [number]. These will both navigate to the original submission.
  • The full text of original submissions with large documents with a lot of wording can be found in the representation attachments.

To view attached documents:

  • Once you have found the representation(s) you are looking for, any attachments will be listed under the representation summary.
  • When looking at the details of a specific representation, the attachments will be listed under the ‘Original Submission’ text.
  • To view an attachment, select the document title and the document will open in the web page