Requests for Environmental Information

Environmental searches after potential land contamination has been identified

Although not a statutory requirement, environmental searches are frequently carried out by conveyancing solicitors to identify contamination that might affect the property being offered for sale. These environmental searches are most often provided by commercial organisations and are supplied at various levels of detail, ranging from provision of purely factual information through to detailed interpretation of findings.

If potential land contamination is identified in the search, further enquiries are then often made to the council.  The environmental health team can respond to all such requests subject to a charge of £30.

Should your request require a more detailed response or requires a professional opinion then the charge is based upon the cost of officer time in providing the information.  If the request involves providing copies of plans and information concerning a contaminated site the charge is £50 plus officer time.

Other Environmental Information Requests not relating to contaminated land are charged at £40 per hour.

Payment can be made by debit or credit card by phoning our customer services team on 01296 585605. 

If you would like to make such a request, please complete the enquiry form and email us.

Please also include a map showing the extent of the search area and indicate which method of payment you would prefer to use. Once received the Land and Air Quality Team have 3 working days to respond to the request.