Extensions and Alterations to existing sites

Do I need planning permission advice service (£72*) (Use this option to check Permitted development rights)
If you would like to know whether your proposal is covered by Permitted Development Rights or want to know whether your proposal needs planning permission this service is the most suitable option.

Will I get planning permission advice service (£72*)
If your proposal is not covered under Permitted Development Rights and you would like to know whether you are likely get planning permission, please use this package.

Do I need and will I get planning permission advice service (£108*)
This option is suitable for you if you would like to know if you need and if you would get planning permission. *All prices include VAT

For new dwellings we offer two different options, the prices are variable and depend on the number of dwellings you are proposing, view full fee details (please note no cheques will be accepted for this service).

Written advice
This package is for customers who would like written information which indicates as to whether AVDC would support the proposal and what we recommend to give your full application the best chance of being approved.

Meeting with follow up written summary
If you would like to discuss your meeting face to face and discuss different recommendations this package is the most suitable. After the meeting, we will provide you with a written ummary detailing AVDC’s decision and recommendations after the meeting. 

Please note: Applications related to rural worker dwellings must be received as a full application, Pre-application advice cannot be provided for this type of development.

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