Road closures

What are the different types of road closure?

Town Police Clause closure, issued by AVDC – covers events like parades and processions, Christmas light illuminations, celebrations of marked events, eg Bonfire Night

Temporary Traffic Regulation Order, issued by Bucks County Council – needed for sporting events, street markets, road works, tree or hedge cutting, commercial events, Remembrance Day Parades, or any event involving the closure of a major A road. For more information visit Bucks County Council website or call them on 0845 3708090.

Street Parties
Although street parties may come under a Town Police Clauses road closure, due to the fact that these tend to be in celebration of national events they are often administered by Bucks County Council. You can contact the county at for advice or visit their web page. Alternatively you can email who will let you know who your application needs to go to.

How can I apply?

Town Police Clauses – send us a completed application form to with:

  • a detailed traffic management plan, including your closure will be implemented and managed on the day
  • a risk assessment of the event
  • copies of your public liability insurance
  • evidence that you can adequately steward your event

You should inform the local Safety Advisory Group (SAG) of your application so that they can consider any possible implications that the event may have on the emergency services.

We need at least 12 weeks notice of your event.

Barriers and signage

AVDC will deliver barriers and signage for events we approve to a specified address on a working day prior to the event.

Any signage placed on the highway must be erected by a competent person, both AVDC and Bucks County Council deem a competent person to be someone who has been accredited by the New Roads and Street Works Act.


The event organiser has an obligation to adequately steward the event, including traffic management.

The SAG can postpone the approval of any application if they don’t think that the event organiser has given satisfactory evidence of signing and stewarding.

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