The Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding - 19 May 2018

The wedding of Prince Harry to Miss Meghan Markle on Saturday 19th May 2018 gives everyone a great opportunity to celebrate with a wide range of events, including traditional street parties. The application form will help you organise your party so it meets all the legal requirements and leave you free to enjoy the day!

First things first

Check that the date of your street party doesn't clash with any other events in your area. Let the Council know early about your plans and we will be able to advise you. Remember, if two or more events are held at the same time in a local area they can cause traffic problems so it's a good idea to plan ahead and check with us.

Check that the arrangements for your street event don't clash with any other events in your area.  If your event does clash with another, you may need to be flexible with the date that you hold your event or may find this as the ideal opportunity to join forces and make it an even bigger community celebration.

Have you considered holding your event in a nearby park, green, public open space, field, village hall, garden, sports field, pub or other suitable facility?  It is much safer for you and your guests and you won’t need to worry about road closures.  You will need to seek permission of the land owner and whilst we would like to know about your event, you may not need approval from the Councils unless you require a License for your entertainment, sale of alcohol or music.

To coordinate with national events taking place on 19 May 2018, Buckinghamshire County Council have agreed to waive any fees normally associated with street parties organised on this day

If you wish to hold a street party please complete the form and email to Licensing

For more information please see the below guide.

Temporary road closures

Usually the Councils do not encourage events on the public highway, but the Royal Wedding is a very special national occasion and we want to help everyone celebrate. Safety is our prime concern and we will do our very best to advise you so that your party can go ahead.
If you are planning a street party or any other event on the public highway you must apply to the Council for a temporary road closure under the Road Traffic Act 1984. This is absolutely essential, even if the road will be closed for just a few minutes. A temporary closure means that all vehicles are kept out but the road is open to pedestrians.  The District and County Councils have agreed to meet the costs of the advertising and legal fees for the road closure for this very special occasion. 

Road closures will only be considered on unclassified roads, as closures of A, B and C roads will have a serious impact on traffic flows.  Some unclassified roads are bus routes or access to rural areas and closures of these roads will not be allowed.  If your planned party is on one of these roads consider joining in with a party on an adjacent road that has no restrictions.

Date for your Party

We are only giving approval for street parties on 19th May 2018.

What's needed for a temporary road closure?

  • Public liability insurance- You and your fellow organisers will be responsible for the event and we advise Public Liability Insurance of £5 million to cover any eventuality. This can be obtained for a premium of around £50 from a reputable insurance broker.
  • Example of insurance brokers

  • Signage-You  will need a plan showing the extent of the proposed closure and any diversions for through traffic. Signs and barriers are required to keep you, your guests and other road users safe. The event organiser is responsible for providing, putting up and removing all signs afterwards. The AA, RAC or reputable traffic management company will be able to help you with these, but they will make a charge. Signs giving advance warning of the closure need to be displayed a week before the event.

Companies that may be able to supply signage:

Street Furnishings  Ltd: Tel: 01189 404717

Graphiti Art Ltd 01628 674264

  • Emergency services-The organiser needs to liase with the Emergency Services. There will be numerous different types of celebrations, particularly on 19th May itself, so early notice of your event is essential to enable the emergency services to plan ahead.
  • Safety-You are strongly advised to do a risk assessment for your event so you are well prepared for any possible eventuality.

Further Advise

Further information is available from the County Council's Streetworks Team on 01296 395000 or by email to

A few other points to remember:

  • Emergency services vehicles will need access at all times.
  • You may need a temporary event notice if you intend to have outside music or if you intend to sell alcohol, a licence will be required. Please call your District Council's Licensing Team
  • You must have contingency plans in place in case of accidents, medical emergencies, fire etc. These should be covered by your risk assessment document. 

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