Safety Advisory Group

What is the Safety Advisory Group?

The Safety Advisory Group brings together all the agencies that have an interest in the safety and environmental impact of public events, including:

  • Bucks Fire and Rescue Service,
  • Thames Valley Police,
  • South Central Ambulance Trust
  • Bucks County Council’s Highway Department

It allows public event organisers to obtain advice on their proposals from multiple agencies though a single channel.

The group doesn’t ‘sign off’ event proposals, nor does it accept any liability for issues arising from an event.

How do I consult the Safety Advisory Group?

Send us a completed notification form, along with copies of the following documents:

  • a site plan, showing how the site will be laid out
  • an event management plan
  • an event safety plan
  • a general safety risk assessment and fire safety risk assessment
  • evidence of public liability insurance for the event

Do I have to consult the Safety Advisory Group?

You don’t have to consult the group, but we recommend you do so.

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