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The below guides and information are for only when searching for planning applications.

Consultee Access user guides

Consultee Access members user guide - If you are new to Consultee Access via the Public Access website.

Mobile guide to Consultee Access - What to do if you are using Consultee Access via a mobile device.

If you are a Statutory Consultee, Parish Clerk, Councillor, or Ward Member and currently make comments by post or email, and would like to register for Consultee Access to make comments on-line, please contact for more information.

Other user guides

Public Access map search - How to use the map within the Public Access site.

Important notice about Public Access:

Timing out facility
For Data Protection and security reasons, there is currently a time-out facility set up of approximately 2 hours when entering comments. If you believe your comments will take longer than this to enter, we advise you to type them up in a separate document (ie Word), copy the text and paste into the comments box, add your details and submit.

Please see our guide on how to make your comments.

Further information
How to comment on planning applications and which issues we can take into account.