Air quality

Air quality in the Vale is generally good. However, there is one pollutant of potential concern – nitrogen dioxide (NO2). The main source of NO2 is vehicle emissions.

There are no major industrial polluting processes in the area, but there are a number of smaller processes which may produce emissions.

We regulate many of these processes in order to minimise or prevent pollution. Businesses undertaking activities that can cause pollution must obtain a permit.

Our legal obligations

By law, local authorities must review and assess air quality in their areas against national objectives.

Areas that are unlikely to meet those objectives must declare an air quality management area (AQMA), and develop an action plan.

There are currently 3 AQMA in the Vale. We have decided it would be appropriate to take a ‘whole town’ approach to air quality rather than focusing on sections of individual roads, and have therefore create a single plan covering the whole of Aylesbury.

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