Planning fees, application forms and guidance notes.

How much will planning permission cost?

Before you apply for planning permission, find out how much it will cost.

Use the online fee calculator or visit our fees webpage.

The most commonly used forms:

Other planning application forms

If the form you need is not listed above, visit the national planning portal

Before applying, find out what supporting information is required with your application

Please note: if an application is made that fails to meet the requirements of our validation requirements, an invalid application charge will be made. If the information required to make the application valid is not received within 28 days of a written request, or the application otherwise collected, we will dispose of the application. We will also deduct a charge of £32 (incl VAT) for householders and £64 (incl VAT) from all other planning applications from the planning fee submitted, before returning the balance.

Planning  Portal
Some planning applications submitted through the Planning Portal are subject to a £20 charge. Full details of charges are available on the Planning Portal or email