Building Control

**Changes to Building Control Services during the coronavirus crisis**

Submission of Building Regulation Applications

We are accepting building regulation applications electronically by email and the existing online portals. Please do not send postal applications or you may have a significant delay.

We are unable to receive cheque payment. On submission of your application, you will be contacted either by email or telephone of how to pay.

Building Control Site Inspections

We are only carrying out site inspections where it is deemed essential to ensure safety. This includes open trenches for foundations and drainage. We will inspect steelwork on site where we are unable to assess from photographs/video whether the installation is safe.

Where a site inspection does take place, we require the site management to follow the Government’s social distancing policy

We would request that your builder emails photographs of the stages at work we would normally inspect on site. The case surveyor will consider whether the work is satisfactory and will advise the builder appropriately. Completion inspections are currently suspended.

Dangerous Structures and Demolitions

Dangerous structures should be reported in the usual way. We are maintaining the same level of service.

We will process demolitions but we will not carry out an inspection unless we deem it essential for safety reasons.

This follows Government advice to limit travel to that which is only essential.


Application forms, information and guidance about the building regulations.