Council Tax

This section provides information on:

  • how to claim a council tax reduction
  • managing your council tax account online
  • how to pay your council tax
  • council tax bands and charges
  • appeals
  • enforcement
  • how your council tax is used
  • how to claim help paying your council tax

Council tax is charged for all properties which are classed as being for domestic use.  Business properties will be charged National Non-Domestic Rates (NNDR or business rates). More Information on business rates can be found on the business rates page

If you're in receipt of a council tax discount and your circumstances change (eg your income increases, a child living at home turns 18), you must let us know immediately. If you don't, you could be committing council tax evasion. You can let us know by contacting us.

For details of the council tax hardship scheme due to coronavirus please visit our council tax update page.

If you have questions about your council tax bill, please contact us or see our FAQs.