Fly tipping and other street care issues


The majority of roads and street lights in Aylesbury Vale are maintained by Bucks County Council.

Private roads should be maintained by the landowner.

The developer is responsible for the maintenance of roads and highways on new developments until they’re adopted by Bucks County Council.

AVDC is responsible for:

  • maintaining land we own or manage, such as parks and car parks
  • cleaning roads, roundabouts, cycle tracks, underpasses, verges and lay-bys
  • removing fly-tipping from adopted roads and footpaths
  • specialised cleaning, eg clearance of graffiti from AVDC property

Litter bins

We empty litter bins across the district that are located on footpaths and in AVDC managed parks. Most bins are owned by parish and town councils, so you should contact your local parish/town clerk to request a new or replacement bin.

Litter bins in shopping centres and on private property are the responsibility of the property owner.


We remove graffiti from council walls and buildings, and we can provide a chargeable service to householders and businesses. We usually remove graffiti using a pressure washer, so will only provide this service where there is no risk of damage to your property.

Report a problem

Help us keep Aylesbury Vale looking beautiful by letting us know about any problems you spot.

• Report graffiti
• Report fly-tipping
• Report litter bins and dog bins

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