The revised Bucks Home Choice Allocations Policy 2019 (version 4.5) has now been implemented. If you were an existing applicant affected by the policy change on 1st October you will have been contacted by us.

You can view the new policy on the Bucks Home Choice website .

Please be advised we will be launching a new style Bucks Home Choice website toward the end of the year. At this time all applicants will need to have an email address in order to access their Bucks Home Choice account. If you have an existing application you may wish to update your information to include an email address. If you do not have an email address the Bucks Home Choice website provides information and examples of email providers for you.

If you do not have computer access at home you can visit one of the Council offices and or a local library to do this. If you need help and you have no one that can help you to do this please contact your housing officer.