Local Land Charges

What is a local land charge?

A local land charge is a burden on land and/or property that will impose liabilities or constraints which are binding on successive owners or occupiers.

What is a local land charge search?

When you purchase a property or parcel of land, you’ll usually ask your solicitor to carry out a local land charge search.

The search provides information held by the local authority about the specific property so that you’re aware of any charges or responsibilities you’ll be taking on.

Local land charge searches don’t tell you anything relating to the surrounding land or properties, eg if a field to the rear of the property has planning permission for houses to be built on it.

There are 2 main parts to a local land charge search: the LLC1 form and the CON29 enquiries form. To find out more about local land charge searches please visit Local Land Charges Institute

There is another set of predetermined questions that you and your solicitor may choose to ask if you decide they’re applicable to the land or property. These are contained in the CON29O optional enquiries form. In addition, you or your solicitor may wish to make another enquiry of your own.

How long does a local land charge search take?

We aim to return standard searches within four working days, however this can vary depending on the current workload/volume of search requests received.

Can I cancel a local land charge search?

You can usually cancel a search up to 3pm on the day it’s received into our office.

Do I have to use the local authority for my local land charge search?

You can choose to appoint a private search company to conduct your local land charge search.

However, we recommend you choose us because:

  • our staff are very experienced
  • we’re competitively priced - £117.83 inc. VAT - (From 1 April 2021)
  • our turnaround time – normally approximately four working days
  • we’re the definitive source of information
  • as a local authority, we’re the only body empowered by legislation to sign an official search of the register

Other contacts

Land ownership and title enquiries are dealt with by Leicester District Land Registry

Commons Registration enquiries are answered by the Definitive Map Team, Buckinghamshire Council.