Pest control

We offer pest control treatments for your home for some of the most common household pests:

  • bedbugs, cockroaches and fleas - based on 3 living/bedroom, kitchen and bathroom) + charges for each additional room. 
  • rats and mice (we don't treat for mice in the garden, just in a residential property)
  • glis glis
  • squirrels
  • wasps

See pest control treatments for prices, and information on how to prevent future infestations.

We don’t provide pest control treatments for all pests. Download the articles below for information on the following pests:

Insect Identification

We offer a free insect identification and advice service to enable you to treat household pests yourself.  Please bring a specimen in an airtight, transparent container, together with your contact details and we will advise you accordingly.  Please collect the insect without damaging it as a crushed insect is hard to identify.