Planning permission

Please note that Pre-Application advice and ancillary fees associated with making a planning application are subject to an inflationary price increase which will come into effect on the 1 April 2019. Please be aware that any request for Pre-Application advice and associated ancillary charges received after 11:59pm on 31 March 2019 will be subject to the higher fee and will be invalid until the higher fee has been paid. All applications that are invalid for any reason after 11:59 on 31 March 2019 will also be subject to the higher fee, regardless of the original submission date.

  • Enhanced Planning Services - More information about our enhanced planning services including planning performance agreements and pre-applications.
  • Application guidance​ - Everything you need to know before applying for full planning permission.
  • Apply - Once you are ready, you can view the fees and select the application type.
  • Once your application is decided - You have your decision and want to know the next steps.