Private and rented housing help

The condition of your home can have a major influence on the health of you and your family, so private sector housing is an important part of the work of the Environmental Health team.

Our work covers:

  • investigation of complaints about housing conditions and safety in private rented accommodation
  • provision of grants to help adapt dwellings for people with disabilities
  • bringing empty domestic dwellings back into use

Our aim is to ensure that dwellings meet the minimum statutory standard and provide a safe home for the occupier.

Housing that is unfit for human habitation or is in disrepair

The Housing Act specifies what may lead to a dwelling being judged unfit for human habitation. Government guidance is provided to help in the officers’ interpretation. We have a duty to take action in respect of houses which are judged to be unfit for human habitation and not reasonably suitable for occupation in that condition. Periodic surveys are undertaken, at around 5-8 year intervals, of a sample of private housing so that we can gauge the condition of the housing in the district and develop appropriate strategies.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Information for landlords and tenants to fit smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in rental properties is available in this Statement of Principles.

Government 'How to' Guides

Government 'how to' guides that include checklists for new and existing tenants, landlords and letting agents can be found on the Gov.UK website.