What does a scrutiny committee do?

  • holds the cabinet to account
  • monitors and reviews policies
  • reviews council services to obtain better outcomes for the community

All scrutiny committee meetings are open to the public to attend unless otherwise stated.

You may suggest an item for one of the scrutiny committees to consider by filling in the form below.

Scrutiny committee reviews

Scrutiny committees undertake both in-depth reviews and one-off reviews. The latter are suited to issues that don’t fit with the council’s ordinary decision making procedure, or on which we only have an advisory role.

At the end of a review, the chairman of the scrutiny committee presents recommendations to cabinet, who then decides whether or not to accept the recommendations.

The ‘call in’ procedure

A scrutiny committee can decide to ‘call in’ a cabinet or cabinet member decision, meaning it will review it and make its views known.

If, after considering the decision, the scrutiny committee remains concerned about it, they can either refer it back to the decision-making person or body for reconsideration or, in exceptional circumstances, refer it to the full council.

Urgent decisions cannot be ‘called in’.

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