Step 2 - Before you apply

We are introducing new pre application charging from 1 April 2016 to cover the cost of providing this service. We have also tried to simplify the charges in relation to new dwellings to avoid any confusion over the fees required and to give the opportunity for a meeting at initial stage, which had not previously been an option. For the larger scale developments there will be a bespoke pre app  service & Planning Performance Agreements (PPAs).

We are also introducing an invalid fee - where an application fails to meet requirement of our validation checklist and additional information is not received within the specified period the application will be disposed and a charge levied.

It is our intention to provide a service that is valuable to you in having a clear understanding about whether you require planning permission and whether or not your proposal is likely to get planning permission at this stage of the process. This will help you save time and money in formulating your proposal prior to submission.

We are however currently experiencing a high level of pre application enquiries from small scale and minor developments. In order to be able to offer a valuable timely service under our new fees regime we need to deal with those that are currently outstanding.

Please see the below document for new prices from 1st April 2016

Fee and charges for pre application services

For advice on the type of planning permission you need please click on a relevant section:

Design advice leaflets and guidance notes
We have a wide range of specialist leaflets aimed at helping applicants and developers, such as ‘Listed Buildings’ or ‘Conversion of Traditional Farm Buildings’. Most are free to download or view online.

How much will planning permission cost?
Before you apply for planning permission, find out how much it will cost.

Use the online fee calculator or download the planning application fees document.

What other issues do I need to consider when applying for planning permission?
We strongly advise you to consider the following issues:

What if I don’t have planning permission?
If you go ahead without permission or approval, you may have to put things back to how they were.

However, you can apply retrospectively, in the same way that you would if you were applying for planning permission before carrying out any work.

There is a period of time where a development or use  becomes exempt from prosecution. In these cases you apply for a Certificate of Legal Use after the period has expired. Contact the planning enforcement team for advice on whether an exempt ruling applies to your building works.

If the development or use has existed for either 4 or 10 years, it becomes exempt from prosecution and you can apply for a Certificate of Legal Use. Contact the planning enforcement team for advice on whether the 4 or 10-year rule applies to your building works.

If a development remains unauthorised, we will try to resolve the matter through negotiation. If that is unsuccessful, we may take legal action.

See our planning enforcement powers leaflet for further information.

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