Taxi licensing

AVDC are responsible for the licensing and enforcing of Taxi Licences.

Important changes to taxi and private hire licensing in 2019

The Council is making a number of important changes to the licensing arrangements in respect of taxi and private hire drivers:

Exploitation Safeguard Training -  All licensed drivers are required to attend the Council's safeguard training. You are not able to apply for a licence until you have satisfactorily attended this training. Existing drivers will have their licence suspended if they have not attended this training by 31 January 2020

English Language Testing - From 1 March 2019 all applicants for new driver's licences will be required to demonstrate adequate English language skills.

Additional Knowledge Testing - From 1 March 2019 all applicants for new driver's licence will be tested on their understanding of the rules and regulations relating to taxi/private hire work and their ability to navigate as part of their driver's assessment.

National Register of Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Driver Licence Refusals and Revocations (NR3) - From 1 March 2019 the Council will begin using the NR3. This means that from this date all applicants for hackney carriage and private hire driver licences (new and renewal) will be checked on the register. Where an existing licence is revoked or an application refused, this will be recorded on the register. For further information please refer to the information on Taxi Policy

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