VALP Examination


The Inspector’s Interim Findings on the Aylesbury Vale Local Plan 29.8.18 can be found here.

Following the VALP hearing sessions in July 2018, The Inspector sent his interim findings. These are published as ED166 and ED166A. We raised various points in relation to the Inspector's interim findings, which are published as ED167, ED167A and ED167B. 

The Inspector has considered our points and has issued his response in the form of Discussion Document 'D5, Inspector's response to points raised by AVDC in relation to his Interim Findings 02. 12. 18'. All documents related to the Inspector's Interim Findings can now be found in the 'Inspector's Interim Findings' tab below.

The Inspector's Interim Findings are not the final Inspector's Report which concludes the local plan examination. The Interim Findings are a means of setting out the modifications the Inspector requires the council to make before he can find the plan sound.

Now the council has received the Inspector's response, we will start finalising our onward timetable including when the proposed modifications to the Plan will be published for public consultation. The timetable will also be published on the website once it is finalised.


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