VALP Examination

With the delivery to the Council of the inspector’s Final Report on the Examination of the Aylesbury Vale Local Plan, finding the Local Plan sound with modifications,  this signifies the closure of the Examination. The Council will move to decide on adoption of the VALP. The Inspector’s Report and a schedule of the Main Modifications to the submitted Local Plan are now available to view below.

Report on the Examination of the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan [PDF, 514KB] 
Appendix Main Modifications [PDF, 2.69MB]

Further information is available on the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan (VALP) 2013-2033 page.

The Inspector arranged for further hearings on the VALP and these took place from Tuesday 13 April to Friday 16 April 2021. Details on the hearings sessions can be found on the Hearing Sessions: VALP Main Modifications 2021 page.

As there was not sufficient time to complete the discussions on Land near Milton Keynes (Shenley Park and land adjacent) at the afternoon hearing session on Thursday 15 April, this has been adjourned to Thursday 29 April at 9:30am. It is expected the discussions will be completed in the morning session but the whole day has been set aside in case this is required. This extra hearing will be available to watch live on the Buckinghamshire Council webcast page.

The Further Main Modifications consultation was held 15 December 2020 until 9 February 2021. Please visit the Further Main Modifications consultation page for more details. These were a second stage of Main Modifications and are different to the ones we consulted on in late 2019.

Following completion of the examination hearings and the publication of the Inspector’s Interim Findings in 2018, the council prepared and consulted on a set of Main Modifications in 2019. The consultation on the proposed Main Modifications to the VALP ran from 5 November until 17 December 2019. Please visit the Main Modifications 2019 page for more details.

The Inspector’s Interim Findings on the Aylesbury Vale Local Plan 29.8.18.

The most substantive change from the Main Modifications was the allocation of a new site in close proximity to Milton Keynes to fulfil the Inspector’s requirement for new housing allocations in that area. Various pieces of key evidence were commissioned to determine which was the most suitable site to allocate in the VALP.