VALP Examination

The consultation on the proposed Main Modification to VALP ran  from the 5th November, until the 17th December 2019.

The Inspector’s Interim Findings on the Aylesbury Vale Local Plan 29.8.18.

The most substantive change from the Main Modifications was the allocation of a new site in close proximity to Milton Keynes to fulfil the Inspector’s requirement for new housing allocations in that area. Various pieces of key evidence were commissioned to determine which was the most suitable site to allocate in the VALP.

It's intended that the plan will be adopted during 2020, but the timeline will be dependent on how long the Inspector needs to consider the representations and whether he chooses to hold more public hearing sessions prior to producing his final, binding report.  The Cabinet member for Strategic Planning and Infrastructure made an announcement to Council at its meeting on 5 February 2020.