Secure your shed and garage

Advice on keeping your shed and garage secure

You are probably very disciplined about locking doors and shutting windows when you leave your home. But what about your garage or garden shed? Read up on our tips for keeping your external possessions secure.

Increase security of sheds and garages:

• Use good quality locks to secure doors and windows.
• Replace ordinary screws on outbuilding doors with non-return screws or coach bolts (the latter have smooth heads that cannot be undone with a screwdriver or spanner).
• Secure up-and-over garage doors with padlocks through the inside runners, or fit a padlock (with hasp and staple) on either side of the door.
• Add a mortise deadlock to existing latches on double wooden doors and fit strong bolts to the top and bottom of the adjoining door.
• Consider fitting an alarm.
• Thorny shrubs growing under windows or against access routes such as drainpipes, walls and fences create an effective natural barrier. Berberis, blackthorn, rubus and pyracantha are all good for this. They are easy to grow and readily available from your garden centre.
• Fix a grill to steel plates inside garage and shed windows. Chicken wire is a good low cost alternative and may slow a thief down.
• Keep your buildings in good condition. Burglars looking for an easy way in will target split, rotten or warped doors and window frames.
• Put away tools and equipment and lock sheds and outbuildings when you're not using them.
• Mark all your property with your postcode and house number or name. Make a note of serial numbers. This will help prove ownership if your property is stolen and then recovered.
• High value items such as bikes and lawn mowers should be shackled together, ideally to the fabric of the building or to a metal post cemented into the ground.

To view an electronic copy of our new shed and garage security leaflet, see the attachment at the bottom of the page.