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Slapton Neighbourhood Plan Publication

After many months of hard work and community engagement, Slapton Parish Council has now submitted it’s final version of the Slapton Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan. As the local authority we were required to publicise and consult on the Neighbourhood Plan to give all parties a chance to comment on the submitted proposals. Consultation took place between Friday 22 December 2017 and closed at 5 pm on the Friday 9 February 2018. The Plan alongside it supporting documents and the Regulation 16 representations will now be considered in due course by an Independent Examiner and further information will be made available in due course. 

Slapton NP Examiner Procedural Letter
Slapton PC Letter to Examiner
DWright letter to examiner

What is the Slapton Neighbourhood Plan

The Slapton Neighbourhood Plan (SNP) is the emerging development plan for the Slapton Neighbourhood Area (covering the same area as the parish council) for the period 2013-2033. On adoption it will form part of the Development Plan, which planning applications in that area will be assessed against. The SNP has policies which look to shape development rather than make allocations, it has a reserve allocation for 12 dwellings and the plan overall has a design and community facility focus, in addition the plan proposes a settlement boundary and also looks to designate three areas of Local Green Space.

Supporting documents

You can view all of the supporting documents by clicking on the links below.

Alternatively the documents of the publication material are available to view at the following locations:

 Wing Library, Wing Hall,  Leighton Road, Wing,  Buckinghamshire
 LU7  0NN 

Tuesday, 2pm-7pm, Wednesday 10am-1pm, Friday 2pm-5pm and Saturday 10am-1pm

 AVDC, The Gateway,  Gatehouse Road  Aylesbury, HP19 8FF

Monday – Thursday 8.45 to 17.15

Friday 8.45 to 16.45

Previous neighbourhood area information

Consultation on the Slap[ton Neighbourhood Plan Area was undertaken in winter 2014. On 6 January 2015, AVDC approved the Neighbourhood Plan Area for the Slapton Neighbourhood Plan. You can view the application and Council report below: You can view a copy of the proposed area below;

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