Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Reports

Aylesbury Town Level 1 and Level 2

Level 1

The Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) (level 1 - August 2012) is a report identifying flood risk constraints in Aylesbury Vale. It gives procedures that should be followed in planning to tackle flood risk during any development.

This 2012 SFRA covers the whole of the district and has been produced to inform the Vale of Aylesbury Plan (VAP). It also helps inform a new document called the Water Cycle Strategy, (which advises on water services infrastructure) and any potential planning enquiries.

The SFRA is an update of a study previously produced for us by Royal Haskoning which was published in 2007.

The 2012 SFRA includes a set of flood maps covering the district and detailed coverage of Aylesbury, Buckingham, Winslow, Haddenham and Wendover. The main report summarises the planning requirements of VAP, the main causes of flooding in the district and key historic incidents. It also sets out measures that need to be taken in planning for new development, managing surface water flooding and procedures for emergency planning.

Figures 1-9 show the study area, a geological map, a committed housing development map and flood maps for main settlements. Figure 10-15 are historic flooding maps for the district and main settlements.

The document, associated appendices and figures are available to view/download below.

A previous level 2 SFRA was produced in 2009 for Aylesbury Town. Part of it's purpose was to advise on potential sites around Aylesbury. This level 2 study is still relevant and now includes a new updated introductory page

Level 2

The level 1 district-wide  strategic flood risk assessment (SFRA) identified the need for a level 2 assessment to guide development at Aylesbury. The level 2 study was commissioned to compare the flood risks of the 3 alternative directions of growth for the town, to define the functional floodplain, and to guide the detailed design of surface water and flood risk attenuation measures for development.

PLEASE NOTE : due to the size of the report, the figures (maps) have been separated out. They can be accessed  by following the links below.